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The Best Cheap Internet, TV & Phone Service Providers

The best service provider is different for everyone.

The best service provider is different for everyone. Availability and pricing of TV, Internet & phone packages and providers vary by location. This makes finding your best cheap TV, Internet & Phone service difficult, but not impossible. Internet monthly price is directly linked to speed — and the speed you need depends on a lot of factors, like your online activities and the number of people who will use your internet at any given time. Additionally, internet pricing and promotions change frequently. The cheapest TV, Internet & Phone provider in Maine is not necessarily the cheapest TV, Internet & Phone provider in Missouri or New Mexico. Availability relies on infrastructure (for cable) and signals access (for satellite). Some providers may only service a couple of states, while others are available nationwide. When a company has a foothold in a given market, you’re more likely to see plan flexibility and options. We keep up-to-date on the plans, costs, and special offers of the nation’s biggest telecom providers and highlight where each stands out and where they could do better.

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Other than satellite internet providers like HughesNet that are able to transmit internet anywhere there’s a view of the sky, all ISPs serve limited coverage areas. But where they offer coverage, they hold monopoly. In fact, 85% of Americans have access to two or fewer internet service providers — which means your address is the main deciding factor in what provider and plan you get. We started our research with the 12 largest providers in the U.S. because they’re the ones you will most likely work with.


Monthly pricing is important, and for a lot of us, the bottom line will sway our opinion more than any benefits. But intro prices don’t tell the whole story. We requested quotes from each provider on our list to compare current rates, installation, and equipment rental fees, minimum contract terms, and discounts.


If any consideration holds a candle to price, it’s speed. Unfortunately, chasing the “best” of either one means abandoning the other. And while we are all for a great deal, choosing an internet plan based on price alone can lead to a connection too sluggish to serve your needs. Old-school dial-up internet is inexpensive or even free, but in the age of streaming, gaming, uploading, and smart-home gadgets, you will likely feel hamstrung without broadband (high-speed) service. Our top picks offer multiple plan options that provide 25 Mbps or more — the FCC’s threshold for broadband internet — so you’re sure to find the speed you need.