Why is My Television (TV) Picture Breaking Up and Freezing?

There may be times when you encounter problems in the reception on HD channels. The picture fractures, the sound breaks up, more often, but sporadically. Meanwhile, it’s time for your favorite sporting match or the latest must-watch TV series and just as it gets really good, the picture freezes. Or it becomes pixelated or distorted.

Watching TV is an inescapable part of modern culture. Many of us flock to our living rooms in the evenings to get entertained by different television shows. With our dependency on the television increasing, picture quality can be very annoying.

With a digital signal, we either get a perfect picture or its pixelating. The point where the picture starts pixelating is called the threshold.

When the reception on a channel breaks up, the reason is that the incoming signal strength and quality have slipped below the threshold of your particular TV or receiver.

This can be really frustrating, seeing the TV reception playing up with a horrible pixelation. If this becomes recurrent, you need to find the causes for such interference to get a permanent resolution to the problem.

The problem can be “weather-related” if it’s only temporary, a bad connection in the cabling, old cable not rated for digital signals, a faulty splitter, or it may be  an issue from your service provider’s end!

There can be various reasons for a distortion of the picture. Before calling customer care, you should check for the following:

How’s Your Signal?

The signal around your local area may not be strong enough, a cause for the trouble in the picture. Poor weather can be one of the reasons for a loss in signal.

If there was a thunderstorm or strong winds, this may interfere with your signal. The best solution for this is to give your TV and connected devices a reset. Wait for 30 seconds after turning them off and then turn them on again.

Check Your Connections

The issue may lie with the cables at the back of your TV. If they aren’t properly connected then it can cause picture constraints. Unplug the cables connecting the TV to your device, wait about 30 seconds and then plug them back in. Ensure they’re fully inserted into both the TV and your devices, and that they don’t feel loose.

Should you see no change after these fixes, contact your service provider to find out if there is an existing problem from their end. And, if the problem becomes persistent, it may be time to move forward with other providers.

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