Why Do You Need A Home Phone?

With the rapid rise of cellular technology, home phones have been increasingly used as a secondary mode of communication. However, it’s true that smartphones give us the benefits of mobility, sending texts, clicking pictures, and web browsing. But on the other hand, our reliable landline phones still offer several advantages. See below for some of them!

Reliable During Emergencies

One of the most important reasons for keeping a home phone is its reliability during emergencies. During this time when you call on 911, the emergency dispatch can pick-up your geo-location to provide assistance immediately.

Secure Call Quality

The call and sound quality with a landline phone is considered to be more superior to its cellular counterparts. So, enjoy a great talking experience with your family and friends with little interference and dropped calls.

Dependable During a Power Outage

During a complete power outage, the battery of a cell phone cannot be charged. Thus, a home phone becomes a reliable option, especially during this type of emergency.

More Durable

Landline phones are known to withstand years of wear and tear, making them more durable. And, of course, your pocket is not bothered when there is hardly any maintenance required.

Lower on Price

Generally, a home phone service is less expensive when compared to their cellular counterparts. Plus, the setup and call costs are generally higher with cell phones. However, some home phone service providers offer free local and international calls along with some additional features such as call waiting, caller Ids, and call blockingto its users.

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