The Positive Effects of Television (TV) On Kids

Television (TV) has a big impact on the way we spend our leisure time. Perhaps it affects younger people more than adults as they tend to spend more time watching TV. And therefore, TV has become an important part of every kid’s life.

It is difficult to avoid television if you are a kid. Often, adults watch TV with their young ones. It is also common for families and caregivers to use TV as a partial substitute babysitter. Moreover, some parents believe watching TV can make their kids smarter and more engaged. But in actuality, what impact does watching TV have on kids?

Continue to read about how watching certain kinds of television programs can instill social and environmental awareness in kids and even promote important social, emotional, and cognitive development:

▶ Television acts as a great source of entertainment for kids. It allows them to watch their favorite cartoons and keeps them engaged while also teaching them new skills.

▶ Watching television can help kids generate interest in outdoor activities. Popular sport shows such as cricket, football, and hockey may entice your kid to play outside and pick up a sport.

▶ Educational shows on television have helped kids learn new things about the world. Channels like the Discovery Channel, for example, offer educational programs that can help increase a kid’s knowledge at a young age.

▶ As per a recent study, children aged 2 to 7 who watched television for a few hours scored better in academics compared with those who didn’t watch TV at all.

▶ Children, when tuned to television, are often fascinated by the characters they see. Therefore, good role models and examples on TV can positively influence kids.

▶ In our increasingly global world, many parents know that their kids will gain more by knowing more than one language. And television channels such as Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon – which show some programmes in multiple languages – can help your child learn several other languages.

▶ Without television, most children would be unable to learn about people, things, ideas, and events far from their own home. As examples, nature shows and history programs are vital resources for teaching children about creatures and places that they would otherwise never hear of.

Thus, TV can be a positive force in a child’s life. While the effects of television on children continue to be debated, the above points certainly show that it can be a helpful and useful medium for them.

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