DISH’s Innovative DVR Technology

Over the years, the demand for the ability to concurrently record multiple shows at once has increased among television subscribers. That’s why Digital Voice Recorders, also known as DVR’s, have emerged as one answer to the above needs.

DVR’s are primarily devices that can store content recorded directly from a television provider. And you can watch the recordings when you want. What’s more, a popular feature with a DVR is its power to pause live TV content while catching up with it the moments later.

Let’s understand some of the additional benefits of having a DVR that has been its main selling point among users:

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Watch When You Want: This is one very important aspect of using a DVR. Since your desired programming is recorded, obviously you have the freedom to watch at the convenience of your own time. In other words, this gives you the flexibility to control your own TV watching schedule, and might even free you up to perform other important activities while your show is being recorded.

Fast Forwarding: With a DVR, you have the ability to fast forward through commercials on recorded programming. As a result, you can focus on the main shows while bypassing commercials that are not meant for you.

Instant Replay: Apart from its fast forward feature, DVR also provides the option of rewinding shows. So if you’re a sports enthusiast, you have the ability to re-watch and analyze every moment during games.

Record Multiple Shows At The Same Time: An important benefit with a DVR is its ability to record multiple shows at once. However, the number of programs you can record is limited by the size of the DVR’s hard drive.

Free DVR Included In Your Package with DISH: Today, some cable and satellite providers charge a monthly fee for a DVR service. The additional cost for a DVR subscription may vary from $10 to $30 per month. This can be a burden on your tight budget.

But when you subscribe with a DISH package, a Quantum HD DVR is included. This means that there are no additional charges for a DVR with DISH.

DISH’s innovative DVR delivers advanced DVR technology with great picture quality. So ready to take your TV experience to the next level with a DVR from DISH? Choose a DISH package on MoveStub today. Our representatives are here to help you find the best possible deals for your home or business.

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