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There’s nothing worse than settling down to watch your favorite movie, or a sports match only to have your TV screen pixelate, freeze or block completely. Whether the issue is in the cabling or the TV equipment, the problem can really be frustrating and annoying. Let’s discuss some reasons which might be causing the problem to occur!

Cabling Issues

If your TV picture continues to break or freeze, a possible cause can be in the cabling. Check that the cable connections or aerial plugs are not loose or damaged, as this can cause the picture to drop out.


Electrical interferences can also be a major factor for the TV picture to pixelate which is often caused by using poor quality cables. Possibly, electrical interferences can be avoided by making use of high-quality aerial flylead cables.

Bad Weather

Most of us must have experienced poor signal strength during bad weather conditions that can interrupt the signal levels.  However, during such situations, there isn’t much that you can do. In all, you can wait for the weather to clear up for better reception.

Outage at Service Provider’s

Sometimes, there can be a planned outage at the provider’s end for network maintenance. It’s highly likely during this time, you may receive a degraded or no signal at all. And, during this scheduled breakdown your provider would aware you for the time the network will be interrupted.

Above, were some reasons which are liable for the TV screen to pixelate and freeze. So, to overcome these issues you probably will try the different fixes to have a better TV experience.

However, after trying some of the troubleshooting steps, should you still see no change you should call your service provider to get the issue fixed. Butif the problem becomes persistent, it may be a time to switch to another provider.

Choose With DISH TV packages

If you’re not satisfied with your current service provider and want to enhance your TV experience, get connected with DISH Network. DISH Network is a renowned satellite TV service provider is known for its phenomenal packages in the United States. The company delivers its services to 13.7 million-plus subscribers at affordable prices.

So why wait? Order a DISH package today for your household! Here on, there are a variety of DISH packages available at budget- friendly prices. Just choose a plan and call us for a quick setup of services.

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