Consistency and Reliability with Cable Internet

What is cable internet? Cable internet is an internet connection type which makes use of the same cable that connects to your TV. The connection is made through a cable modem that is connected to a coaxial cable, which delivers the two-way communication through radio frequencies.

Cable internet is considered to be much faster than a digital subscriber line because of the greater bandwidth of a cable. Usually, the cable providers give packages also known as bundles which are a combination of two or more services.

Packaging your services combined under one provider may get you a discount without having to pay a la carte. In past years,  cable internet has experienced a lot of advancements and improvements.

By serving a reliable internet to its customers, many business and companies are taking advantage of this technology. Below are some reasons you may choose cable internet as your internet of choice:

1. No home phone line is required to get cable internet

When the word cable is used, it usually represents TV service. However, some cable companies offer much more than cable TV and also deliver high-speed internet directly to your home.

This means you don’t need a home phone line and you are connected to the internet continuously. The connection process is relatively simple and easy.

Users who stream a large number of web content and those who play online games are best suited to this technology.

2. Faster connection speed

The greatest advantage associated with cable internet is the fast and trouble-free connection. Use of a cable modem means a higher level of bandwidth, and more bandwidth means a faster speed.

Cable internet can offer speeds 100 times faster than a standard dial-up connection enabling faster streaming of video, smoother online gaming, and faster downloads. However, the data transfer speeds may vary and fluctuate at peak times.

3. Consistency and reliability

Reliability has long been a problem for other forms of broadband due in part to the aging infrastructure and distance issues. With consistent signal strength and less loss in packets, cable internet provides a more reliable network.

Dropped connections are very rare and often only happen during important updates to the network and not during the peak working hours.

Who are the top cable providers?

Speeds and download rates are necessary factors when ranking cable internet providers. It is also crucial to check for the equipment fees, installation charges, and contracts while comparing providers.

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