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Many cheap internets, cable TV and phone bundles are unique to specific areas where smaller, regional providers offer their services. Check out some of the most affordable internet, TV and home phone packages sold in the U.S.

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MoveStub simplifies the search for the best Internet Service Provider (ISP), phone service and TV for your home or business. Enter your zip code, and we’ll show you which ISPs, Phone Service, and TV are available in your area. From there you can easily compare speeds, features, customer reviews, expert ratings, and prices to find the plan that works best for you. With over 1,200 providers in our database, you’re sure to find a good match.

What To Consider When Comparing Bundles And Providers


Know what your monthly bill will be once the bundle’s introductory period ends. Also, ask your provider about any upfront installation fees and see if they can waive them or offer rebates.

Contract Terms and Length

Read the fine print on your bundle’s contract lengths. Confirm you are committing to a contract for a specified amount of time and ask if there are early cancellation fees.


Since most providers offer a variety of services, it may be easier to use an existing connection to access another service. For example, a provider could connect your cable internet utilizing the television coaxial cable already running into your home. Using already available technology is more straightforward than setting up an entirely new connection.

How internet, Cable TV, and phone bundles work.

Save Money On Internet, Cable TV & Phone Bundle

Some providers have both TV and Internet to bundle. Other providers sell TV only or Internet only. Companies that only offer one service often partner with TV or Internet-only counterparts to provide a complete service. For example, a satellite can be paired with DSL or fiber to save you time and money. Our handy comparison tool shows you TV only, Internet only, plus TV and Internet options available in your area.

Along with the money you’ll save with a bundle, getting all of your home services through one provider saves you time and hassle, because you can manage all your assistance with one monthly statement.

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How Do I Choose The Best Bundle?

Choosing the right provider for your needs depends on your normal internet usage and what is available in your area. If you are constantly streaming data, then Fiber, Cable, or DSL plans would work best for you (in that order) since speeds are fastest. Your home’s location plays a huge role in choosing the right provider since most internet providers differ in availability, whereas Wireless and Satellite internet providers have the most coverage, but have data caps on usage and limits on streaming. We recommend starting with the top 2 most available providers in your area and compare their speed and price. You may have specific speed requirements, and one provider will stand out to you, or if you are on a fixed income you may want to choose the cheaper option.

How To Find Internet, Cable TV And Phone Bundle Providers

MoveStub partners with reputable home service providers like Dish, Frontier, and Spectrum to bring you the best phone, TV and internet bundles available at the lowest prices possible.

Search your address to access our free comparison tool and find the right bundle for your home. Our comparison tool helps you shop the providers, packages and customization options available in your area. Plus, schedule a time to have all your services installed in just one call.